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The 6 Things You Can Expect To Learn Attending A 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Certification Program

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If you love yoga and have decided you want to attend a 200-hour yoga instructor certification program to start your own studio, then you can expect a high-quality program to include each of the following six things. 

1. The Philosophy and Basic History of Yoga

To teach yoga, you need to have a clear understanding of its philosophy and basic history. This knowledge allows you to easily explain them to your clients when they ask you questions.

Additionally, since yoga started in India, your training should also include some basic Sanskrit word translations as they pertain to the practice of yoga.

2. Human Anatomy and Physiology Principles and Modifications

Thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiology principles is vital for every yoga instructor to possess. This knowledge is vital to avoiding injuries and promoting healing in your clients.

In addition to learning everything you need to know about proper alignment and exercise safety science, it's also important to know proper pose modifications for physical challenges and various body types. After all, not all of your clients will have the same body sizes, shapes, and abilities. 

3. Breath Awareness, Positivity, and Other Basic Meditation Skills

During your training, some of the most important things you will learn have to do with creative visualization, self-awareness, positive affirmation, and other basic meditation skills. 

4. How to Use Language to Create a Positive Atmosphere

It's important your clients feel safe and trust what you are teaching them about yoga. The feelings of trust and safety help people relax and use their mental energy to focus on yoga and not other extraneous things. Your 200-hour certification training will include instruction on how to modify the language you use to help create this positive atmosphere for your clients.

5. How to Integrate Your Style and Personality into Your Teaching

To be successful as a yoga instructor, you need the ability to bring your own style and personality into your teaching. Since this can be a hard thing to evaluate yourself, the certification program will help you with this aspect.

6. The Business Aspects of Your Future Yoga Studio

Last but certainly not least, your yoga instructor 200 hour certification program will also teach you the things you need to know about running a yoga studio like any other small business. This is important because, in order to stay in business longterm, you need to have a solid grasp of basic business principles.