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Four Etiquette Tips For Your First Time In A Cannabis Dispensary

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As of the beginning of 2019, there are 10 states in the United States where the purchase of cannabis is legal. As a new resident of Colorado who would like to visit a cannabis dispensary to obtain some product for use at home, you are nervous about making this transaction. The fear of looking silly or saying the wrong thing is common when it comes to shopping for cannabis for the first time. So, here are four tips to help you maintain the correct etiquette while you perform your first cannabis purchase.

Be Relaxed

Cannabis has been illegal to purchase for hundreds of years, so it is understandable you are nervous about entering a store to buy it. After all, the transaction is now done in plain sight during daylight hours, and you may wonder who is watching you. However, be mindful that it is unlikely that you stand out from any other customer doing business that day. The shop security cameras are there to protect the product from theft, and the staff selling you the cannabis see hundreds of customers daily. So, take a deep breath and relax so that you can enjoy the buying experience. Being relaxed means you can focus on what you want to buy and remember which questions you want to ask.

Take Some Cash With You

For the first purchase at a cannabis dispensary, take some cash along with you. In the day of electronic banking, there should be no issue with using your debit card to pay for the product. However, some dispensaries still prefer cash transactions so that they don't have to deal with the transaction processing through the bank. As an example, if a customer purchases cannabis using their card and decides they don't like the product, then they could raise a dispute with their bank. While the sale is a legitimate one, the dispensary then needs to justify the drug purchase with a financial entity which is often quite wary about being involved with the marijuana industry. Cash is king until you know your dispensary's preferred method of payment.

Leave Your Phone In The Car

A selfie in the cannabis dispensary is not going to win you any friends amongst the store staff. Additionally, many stores have a "no photo" sign at the entrance of the store. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, cannabis is an item which sells well on the black market, so stores do not want photos of their stock levels being seen by people who may be tempted to obtain it by breaking into the store. Secondly, you may inadvertently include a photo of a prominent citizen at the store, and that person deserves as much privacy to shop as you do.

Know Your Price

The price set by the store is not open to negotiation, so do not enter the store expecting to haggle for a lower price. However, there are different varieties of product available and each one has its own price. The smallest amount of cannabis available in the store is normally one-sixteenth of an ounce. Local and state taxes are charged on top of the set price. You can purchase other products at the store including clothing merchandise and edible items like candy and cookies. Talk to friends about what price they are paying for their product so you know what price range to expect before you arrive at the store.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask questions. You are not the only first-time customer that the staff has seen in the store, and their job is to help make this a pleasant experience for you. After all, as with any retail business, the dispensary does want you to become a repeat customer.